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Professional Supervision

Consultation is directed toward offering a powerful perspective that recognizes the behavior and interaction of systems; from one on one interaction to working with families and groups, thereby creating dynamic possibilities for therapeutic interventions.  Emphasis is placed on three general areas.  First is learning our own patterns of relating, in order to use oneself authentically as an instrument of influence.  Second, learning how to create and use experiments with clients to expand their range of experience and behavior in their lives.  Finally, learning the usefulness of honoring and working with individual resistances/differences.  Supervision is offered in two hour group sessions twice a month, with a one to four ratio, in order to maintain a high level of individual attention and feedback for the clinician.
Cost is $40.00 per session.

Individual supervision is also available upon request.
Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

MBSR recognizes that the basic nature of the mind is to think constantly and automatically.  This pull of the mind outside of awareness toward thinking about the past or the future can intensify the stress that often accompanies many of life's wanted and unwanted changes.  The effects of persistent stress limit full enjoyment of life and have a negative impact on mental and physical health.

During the eight-week MBSR course, participants who willingly engage in their own care are guided in learning how to take better care of themselves. The learning, based on mindfulness meditation, develops inner resources for coping with stress, leading to discovering a deeper sense of ease, peace of mind, and an inner compass of guiding their way to greater health and enjoyment of life.

"Meditation means learning how to get out of this current [of thinking], sit by its bank, listen to it, learn from it and then use its energies to guide us rather than to tyrannize us."
                                 - Jon Kabat-Zinn, MBSR Founder