COVID -19 Procedure

Practitioners and the office contractor will come back to the True North building to work according to their own personal preference. 

Weather permitting, practitioners may see clients outside in the back yard area of True North. When seen in the building, clients are asked ahead of time by the office contractors and their therapist to adhere to the following precautions and procedures:

1. A face covering must be worn upon entering/exiting the building.

2. Clients are asked to go directly to the restroom in the main foyer upon entering the building to throughly wash hands and wipe the surfaces they touch. 

3. After washing, clients are asked to go directly to their therapist's office.

4. Therapists are limiting sessions to 45 minutes so they they have time to sanitize their office following a session.

5. Practitioners open and close doors whenever possible 

6. Practitioners will issue a health screening assessment to each client at the beginning of their session. 

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